Print 1965



Catalogue raisonné no. 92

Artist's CR 089

Ingrams and Halliwell no. 50

July - September, 1965


Oil on aluminium and chrome on brass, irregular, hinged and boxed

Edition of 46

6 x 17 inches / 0 cm

Selected Citations and Comments

I had brought the prototype of my first multiple with me [to London in 1965] from New York. Although it was made of aluminium and brass sheet, I called it Print, with the deliberate and challenging intention of proposing that a multiple art object might be made of something other than paper, the medium always used in lithographs, silkscreens and etchings. Clerkenwell Green nearby, not yet gentrified, was at that time still filled with small workshops, most of which seemed to be devoted to activities associated with the manufacture of clocks. There I found a man who specialised in cutting out, from sheet metal, elaborate and decorative fingers for long case clocks. I employed him to cut out, in brass and aluminium, the basic parts for Print, which I had decided to make in an edition of 46. In the workshop next door to the clock hand maker they painted the numbers and decoration on clock faces; painting my 46 multiples was easy for them. Further down the street a small engineering shop carried out the engine turning on part of the aluminium section.

Gerald Laing, 'Gerald Laing: An Autobiography', unpublished manuscript, 2011, ch.21