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From Here to Apostasy Gerald Laing 1999

Gerald Laing reflects on the fluctuating fortunes of his career from star of Pop Art to the recidivism of casting bronze figures.

Gerald Laing: An Introduction Ian Carr 1993

Gerald Laing and I first met when we were both at crucial stages in our lives. I was a National Service second lieutenant with an honours degree in English literature and a passion for jazz. Gerald was a full lieutenant who had gone through Sandhurst with the intention of making the army his career. He was a romantic with a passion for heraldry, but two years of professional soldiering had knocked the stuffing out of his military idealism, and he was beginning to question everything. It was also dawning on him that he had other talents and interests which could perhaps find expression only in some different way of life.

Swift Passages and the Monumental Imagination David Alan Mellor 1993

David Alan Mellor looks at Gerald Laing’s work from 1963 to 1993.

A Brief Autobiography, 2006

An autobiographical account of Gerald Laing’s career from 1957 to 2006. From the foreword to his 2006 Prints and Multiples Catalogue Raisonné

Gerald Laing - by Olivia Connelly

A summary of Gerald Laing’s career, work and available prints by Olivia Connelly of ocontemporary gallery.