Gyron I 1965


Gyron I

Catalogue raisonné no. 78

Artist's CR 076

March, 1965

New York

Acrylic on aluminium and chrome steel, irregular shape

99 x 80 x34 inches / 0 cm

Selected Citations and Comments

I then explored the possibilities of using the painting to interfere with its physical environment, rather than merely to utilise it. Here, for instance, the skydiver lies on the ground while his parachute collapses slowly above him. But also the whole piece locks into this corner of the room and implies other possibilities. Is the chrome part a hole through which another piece can be seen? Is there also a mirror image through the wall? Does it continue into and through the floor? Are there four pieces, three of them invisible? etc.

Gerald Laing, 1971: Gerald Laing, exhibition catalogue, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 1971