Pyramid Folly 1972


Pyramid Folly

Catalogue raisonné no. 295

Artist's CR 283



Stonework rendered, plastered and painted

192 inches / 0 cm , height

Selected Citations and Comments

Laing built this large pyramid, with inside facing seats, using stone from an eighteenth-century extension to Kinkell Castle that he had demolished. It contained two facing seats in order that it might ‘act as a machine for rejuvenation (there is a belief held by many people that meat will not corrupt and razor blades will become sharp if they are kept inside a pyramid)’ (‘Gerald Laing: An Autobiography’, unpublished manuscript, 2011, ch.35), somewhat in the manner of Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulators.

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Image 1 shows Pyramid Folly covered in foliage in 2015. Image 2 shows Pyramid Folly newly built in 1972.

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