Chevelere Assigne 2005


Chevelere Assigne

Catalogue raisonné no. 684

Artist's CR 623



Oil on canvas

36 x 32 inches / 0 cm

Selected Citations and Comments

The title is taken from a Chanson de Geste which was translated into Middle English in about 1190. The central figure, the Swan Knight, is a modern Helyas (derived from the Celtic Ala, Eala, Ealadh - a swan). Helyas was once the epitome of chivalry. Even though he is positioned in the circle and square of Vitruvius’ high concept of human perfection, my Helyas is off-balance, ungainly and deformed. His enclosed helmet fails to disguise his human fallibility. Nevertheless, the Knight, supported by his corps de ballet, delivers high explosives from a safe altitude. Can Art help?

Gerald Laing, 'Artist's Notes on War Paintings', unpublished manuscript, 2004