On the Bowery
Westwood Gallery, New York, 2012

On the Bowery

Westwood Gallery
568 Broadway, suite 501
New York


568 Broadway Suite 501
New York NY 10012
T. 212-925-5700

WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC proudly presents an exhibition of the landmark artist portfolio, On the Bowery. The portfolio consists of ten silkscreens by the representative artists of the period. The exhibition showcases each artwork in relation to the artist photographed in his working environment, thus recapturing the vibrant community spirit and creative atmosphere that characterized Bowery as a cultural milestone of the New York School. The participating artists include many of the most important of the era: Cy Twombly, Robert Ryman, Will Insley, Robert Indiana, Les Levine, John Willenbecher, Charles Hinman, Richard Smith, Gerald Laing, and John Giorno. From the 1950’s until today, well-known artists created their artwork in lofts on the Bowery which was known as "skid row" for decades. New York artists have gravitated to run-down areas of cities where they can obtain less expensive rent, and become integral in defining the neighborhood as cultural center:

Images from Exhibition