Yellow Trace 1968


Yellow Trace

Catalogue raisonné no. 224

Artist's CR 214

Ingrams and Halliwell no. 61

February, 1968

New York

Lacquered aluminium and chrome-covered brass, polished black marble base

Edition of 10

24.5 x 10 x3.5 inches / 0 cm

Selected Citations and Comments

In 1964 I went to live in New York. By 1965 I had begun to use shaped canvas stretchers of such complexity that it became obvious that it would be easier to cut the shape I required out of some sort of sheet material instead. In addition, I had become less interested in the figurative content of the work and more interested in its formal and abstract qualities. These two considerations led to a group of abstract metal pieces, of which catalogue numbers 4 & 5 [After the Ball is Over I and Yellow Wedge are examples. They still contain figurative references, but these are merely points of departure for idealised abstract works which still display a strong technological optimism. The techniques and finishes used are derived largely from the world of custom cars.

Gerald Laing, Gerald Laing: Paintings and Sculpture 1963–1983, sxhibition catalogue, Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry, 1983