Portrait of Air Vice Marshall J.E. Johnson 1989


Portrait of Air Vice Marshall J.E. Johnson

Catalogue raisonné no. 529

Artist's CR 492

August, 1989



Edition of 10

23 x 10 x10 inches / 0 cm

Selected Citations and Comments

Johnny Johnson comes to the Highlands every year to fish and it was during one of these visits that I persuaded him to sit for me. I have long admired the pilots of his generation and as our highest scoring fighter ace of WWII, with 30 confirmed kills to his credit, he is a leading member of the group. In addition he is a distinguished author, having written several books on air combat, the first being published in 1951 He is a highly competitive man still, and I see him as an old gladiator, still clear eyed. He is a true archetype, and may fairly be compared with the famous sculpture of the Roman boxer/pugilist.
The base of the sculpture is decorated in a reference to the classic tradition[,] which helps to reaffirm the relationship between Johnny Johnson and the Boxer, with reliefs of a Heinkel flying over the Thames, a Spitfire coming out of the sun, and an RAF roundel. Both images are taken from his 1954 book, ‘Wing Leader’.