Maquette for a Memorial to Jim Clark 1993


Maquette for a Memorial to Jim Clark

Catalogue raisonné no. 575

Artist's CR 535

July, 1993


Bronze and painted wood

19 x 17 x17 inches / 0 cm

Selected Citations and Comments

The sculpture is intended to be both inspirational and informative. It represents the triumph of fame over death; it also shows how and by what means that fame was achieved.

The sculpture consists of:
1. A sandstone pyramid on a moulded plinth, 16 ’ (5m) high;
2. In front of the pyramid is a 1.25 times life-size bronze figure of Jim Clark;
3. On either side of the pyramid are two full-sized bronze sculpture of Lotus cars. These will be two different models - perhaps the 1960 Type 18 or 1962 Type 28 on one side, and the 1965 Type 38 or the 1968 Type 49 on the other. The final selection of the car is open to discussion;
4. On either side of the base are 8’ (2.5m) long bas-reliefs depicting two different and crucial races. Again, their selection is open to discussion;
5. On the rear of the pyramid is a bronze plaque showing drawings of Colin Chapman’s major engineering innovations;
6. Below the figure of Jim Clark is a plaque describing his racing career;
7. Near the top of the pyramid on each side is a bronze laurel wreath.