Clearances statue replicas plan

Replicas of a memorial statue to those affected by the Highland clearances by Gerald Laing could be erected in other countries.

Rob Bruce-Barron, of the St Andrew’s Society of Winnipeg, said a millionaire businessman was behind the plan.

It could see similar statues to the one at Helmsdale in Sutherland raised in parts of the world Highlanders emigrated to following the clearances.

The 10ft-high bronze Exiles statue commemorates the people who were cleared from the area by landowners.

Canadian mining millionaire Dennis Macleod, who was behind the memorial, attended the unveiling ceremony by First Minister Alex Salmond last year.

New Zealander Mr Bruce-Barron said Mr Macleod now had an ambition to see replicas erected elsewhere.

It depicts a family leaving their home, stands at the mouth of the Strath of Kildonan and was created by Black Isle sculptor Gerald Laing.

Mr Bruce-Barron, a board member of the St Andrew’s Society, is to visit Scotland later this month.

He will be promoting the 2012 bicentennial celebrations commemorating the 1812 arrival of the Selkirk Settlers in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The clearances sculptures.

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